My adult life started with four years in the Air Force. For me, photography started as a hobby while in the service, but since that first moment 37 yrs ago standing in a darkroom at Wurthsmith Air Force Base in Michigan watching an image that I had taken appear on a print in the developer, I was hooked. Soon after, I was fortunate enough to be stationed in the Philippines; one of the most photogenic places on earth for a boy raised in the deserts of Arizona. I had found what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.
Soon after, I was blessed to work for the ninth largest newspaper in the United States as a photographer for over 35 years, where I shot photographs in the majority of U.S. states and dozens of countries abroad. As a photo-journalist, some of my assignments included shooting earthquakes in Mexico City, spending several months on the Northern Arizona Indian Reservations with the native population, and photographing celebrities and world leaders, such as Pope John Paul II whom I followed across the country photographing. These experiences, and countless others, taught me so much about photography, and especially about people. In my travels, I’ve been able to meet and photograph people, places and things that I only dreamed about.

I love capturing the little things that make a photograph more than just a snapshot of uncle Harry. As I learned my art, I studied the lighting of the Masters in the museums of Europe, where artists like Rembrandt showed how simple window light made the simplest of subjects a work of art. I try to do the same in every photograph I take, using lighting, background, lens selection, and composition to find the beauty that is in every subject, whether it’s the first photograph of a new baby, capturing a special childhood moment with an eight year old, the magical first emotions of a new marriage, or seeing the wisdom of experience in the eyes of a 70 yr old man.
Confucius said, “Find a job you love and you will never work a day in your life.” I feel like I’m one of the lucky ones who gets to live out his dream every day.

-Michael Ging